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How To Take A Screenshot From Your PC

Have you ever been creating a presentation or document and needed to copy a specific part of your screen?  There’s no need for the fancy plugins. Most computers come with a built in snipping tool to help you take a screen shot or pictures of your computer screen. It’s really useful for demonstrating something that would be difficult to explain in words.

On A PC:

Select the Print Screen button on your keyboard to capture an image of your entire screen and copy it to the clipboardUse the snipping tool.

Or go to the Start menu and search for the Snipping Tool. You can choose the shape of the snip, adjust the snip border, and then save the snip as a file on your computer.

On A Mac:

Command + Shift + 4Press Command + Shift + 4 and drag the +-shaped cursor over the area you want to capture; this will save the screenshot to your desktop. Or you can press Control + Command + Shift + 4 to save the screenshot to your clipboard, which you can then paste into another program

How To Cut and Customize A Picturecutmypic

Here’s my problem. I wanted to create an oval picture of my headshot with no background- a png file. Even though my go-to tool is Canva for all things design, I don’t have the paid version that would allow me to do this.  I also didn’t want to spend half the afternoon on Youtube trying to figure it out in Photoshop.


Watch the video here where I show you how to edit your picture using


How To FB Live From Your Computer, Share Your Screen, And Add A Logo

Last week I held my first Facebook Live. Facebook Live is meant to be streamed from your phone, but during my presentation I wanted to show slides as well! So I found a free tool that allows you to toggle back and for between your webcam and your camera.

FIRST, Download your Free copy of OBS Sudio here

Now you need your stream key. You stream key allows you to connect OBS Studio to your Facebook page so you can stream live.  Here’s how you access it.

Go to the Facebook page that you want to stream live from. At the top of the page, click “Publishing Tools.”


Then click the “Videos” on the left-hand side.


Click the “Live: button in the upper right-hand corner A new screen will open up. Copy the stream key.


Open your OBS Studio. Click Settings in the bottom right-hand corner.


Click “Stream” from the menu on the left. In the drop down next to Service choose “Facebook Live”. Keep Server at “Default” and paste your stream key in the appropriate box. Click Apply and go back to the OBS Studio application.


Now let’s start streaming. Add a Scene by clicking the “+” sign under the section labeled “Source.” A new menu will appear. Click “Video Capture Device.”


Press “OK’ on the new dialogue box that appears.


It will take you to a screen that looks like the one below. If you don’t see anything, wait a second or expand the menu next to “Device” to pick your camera. Press “OK.” (We’re almost there girl!)


Okay, now we’ve got the video going. You’ll see “Video Capture Device” under sources with an eye icon next to it. That means the videos is showing. The black screen is what people see. You’ll notice that the video of my puurty face is small. No worries. You can expand it by dragging on the corner of the box right on the screen.


Now click start streaming.


Go back to your Facebook Page where you got the Stream Key. Click next and update the Facebook Live Title. You can also add video tags.  You should see a delayed version of your live stream. Don’t worry, no one can see you unless you press the “Go Live” button.

To end your live stream, simply click the stop streaming button in OBS Studio.

Here are a few other tips.

Configure Your Microphone 

I use a Yeti Microphone. If you have a similar microphone that you use you’ll want to configure it this way.

First, mute your camera and computer microphones by pressing on the sound icons and turning them red.


Then next to Mic/Aux Click the gear icon to expand the menu.   Choose “Properties” from the menu.


A new dialogue box will pop-up. Choose your microphone from the dropdown. Press “OK” and you’re all set!


Show A Powerpoint

Open up your presentation in Google Slides Presenter Mode. I use Google Slides so that when I present it doesn’t take up the entire screen.


Now you’ll have two screens that look like this:


Once your presentation is open. Add another Source. This time choose “Window Capture”


A new dialogue box will open that will show the different pages open on your computer. Choose the one with your presentation and press “OK.”


You can expand the screen showing the presentation so that the tabs at the top are cut off, so they don’t show in your live stream.


Check out the box that says “Sources” on the bottom. You should see both Window Capture and Video Capture Device. You can switch back and forth between your camera and power point by clicking the eye to turn off what is visible.


Now you can switch back and forth between your powerpoint and your camera!


Add A Logo/Text to Facebook Live

Add a new source. This time choose “Image.”


Click browse to choose a PNG or Transparent image to upload. Press “OK”


Your logo should show up on your screen.


You can resize this right on the screen. You can also control whether it is showing or not by clicking the eye next to the word image.


Hope this helped. Happy streaming ya’ll!!



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