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I try to run my business with a backbone. This means a lot of times I turn away potential clients. Yes, I turn away people… with money…who wanted to give it to me…

You’re probably like, WHYYYY Dayo?

I have my reasons, but the gist of it is they just aren’t ready to spend money. When we start a business and begin brainstorming the best way to get those first few sales, I like to say that we have one of two things.  That’s money or time. Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on product placement, Facebook ads, print advertising, or influencer marketing, but what we do have is time! So, if you’re just getting started or if you’ve already begun but haven’t had much traction, you can use your time to create sales instead of going into debt trying to follow what all the ballers are doing.

That’s why I’m sharing 5 marketing strategies you can use today that cost little or no money. Only time.



Partnerships are an undervalued resource for new customers. I myself get almost all of my clients from partnerships.  I am currently partnered with a consulting company who helps medical professionals. These medical professional need marketing services. So, I am listed as a resource on their website,  I do an online training for them once a month, and I fly out every other month to speak during their in-person training sessions. This is how I stay booked up.

Partnerships don’t have to look exactly like this to succeed.  Let’s take an eyelash business for example. If you’ve just launched an eyelash brand you could find another company who specializes in makeup. When they are creating makeup tutorials you can be the eyelash brand featured in the video. In fact, why don’t you provide a coupon insert that goes out with each of their products and you can put their coupon in your product order as well! This is an easy way to get product placement without spending any money.

Another partnership idea is influencer marketing. Pass your product along to someone in exchange for exposure. You can do the same the for a service. Perform your service free of charge in exchange for exposure from an influencer.There are tons of other creative ways to use partnerships so stay woke and look for opportunities around you.



I fly to Utah, yes Utah, every other month to speak at a training event. Why do I suffer in Salt Lake City every 60 days? Because there are people who want to give me money in Salt Lake City every 60 days. Identify who your ideal client and then figure out where they go. There are many events where you can apply or pitch yourself as a presenter or workshop leader. You can do this in person, on a group webinar, a live summit, whatevaaaa. I cannot tell you how many people I discover during the conferences I go to. In fact, I was just at Blavity’s EmpowerHer17 event and I was going crazy on Instagram following all these fly, dope, smart, women that were presenting on stage.

Events are a perfect way to show off your skills to potential customers.



Here’s a DM I got from my friend this morning. (at 6:47am might I add)

It’s a contest for a giveaway. I’m sure we’ve all entered an online contests or two. What’s great about contests is that you can use your network to grow your network. The best contests are viral. Going viral means when a person signs up they refer a group of friends that also sign up, who in turn refer their group of friends who also sign up, and so on… and so on… In this way, you can exponentially grow your exposure, followers, and email list at the cost of your only your product!



How do you get referrals. Well there are a lot of ways, but the number one way is to create a great product or do a good job. I have to stress this before sharing any tips. People tell their friends about great products and an amazing experience. So if you can provide that, you will get referrals.

More practically you can provide incentives. In every order of Fulfillity order, I put in a coupon code for the customer and a friend. On the thank you page of your order form or opt-in, you can add a share widget, which will post on the customer’s social media that they have purchased from you.

But what I find works the best, is just asking. Closed mouths don’t get fed.  Create a friends and family discount special or send an email on a slow business day and ask. Again, if you’re doing a good job your clients or previous customers will be happy to spread the word about your amazing product or service.



Last but not least is content. Content is still King! (Or Queen as I like to say) If you create compelling content related to your product or service people will find it, engage with it, and buy from you. Simple right? The problem is just creating good content and showing to the right people. So first, identify where you potential clients hang out. Is it youtube, pinterest, facebook, instagram, blogs, the comment section… Once you can identify where they are, create really good content that appeals to that audience and promote the shit out of it. That means having really good SEO, pinning it everywhere, and sharing it on social media. If there is a good connection with your content and product, people will buy! 


So, feeling more confident about protecting those coins? I hope so. Before you pull out that credit card to pay for ads, try one of these 5 marketing strategies first!


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