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You need to stop buying stuff.

Not just you, but me too!

[Story Time] This summer I moved to France.  Before I moved I struggled with making a large purchase.

See, I have an awesome desktop computer where I do most of my work.  I also have an old laptop that still works but tends to get super hot and has an embarrassing loud hum.  So I decided that with this new life abroad I was going to get me a new laptop too! A Macbook Pro! I deserve it right?

As the time for the move came closer and the budget became more real I was starting to have doubts about the big purchase.  I mean a grand on a laptop?  That was 2 months rent! I kept searching and searching for a deal but nothing felt affordable enough to unclench my fists.  I assumed it was just fear so I did what any other rational human being would do, I posted my dilemma on Facebook!

Half the folks said “Yaaaaass girl! Go get the MacBook Pro.  It is so worth it! Ever since I changed from PC to Mac my life has changed!” *side eye*  (I’ve had a MacBook Pro before and it is NOT that serious).  But there was one response that though caught my eye.

 It seems like you have something that works and even makes you happy.  The only point of unhappiness I’m hearing is that others have a  better computer than you…  

 Instead of focusing on other people and what they have focus on YOUR goals.  You’re going to France to grow your business.  Will the new laptop do that for you?  Instead of buying a new laptop, you can use all that money on something that will directly impact your business like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, even rent!  

 Reevaluate what you want.  You want something that works, that will help you grow your business, that is reliable and it seems you already have that.  Yeah you won’t be able to go to the coffee shop and look cool with your sleek Macbook, but you’ll be doing what’s right for your needs and that’s all that matters.   Focus on you and use what you have.  You’ll be much happier with that extra $1500 in your pocket.

Can I get an Amen?

I won’t tell you to never buy anything new!  You will need training and tools, so here are 5 tips to help you make a decision whether you should buy something or not.


 Can It Wait?

I do this trick with clothes but the same goes for business tools and courses.  For example, I want to start a podcast next month.  I have iPhone headphones, but those professional podcasting mics look soooo good.  I know it’s not necessary NOW, but it would be nice.  The podcast is more in the idea stages so purchasing an expensive microphone right now may not be the best idea.  Yes, it can wait.


Can I Get It For Free?

Seriously,  it’s odd how life can gift us when we ask for what we want.  Take some time and think about how you can get your purchase for free or even discounted.  I’ve been shopping around for a co-working space here in France and boy are they pricey.  I shared my problem with a new friend and she offered up an empty office at her job.  Hey heyyyy!  Even when I was in Salt Lake City, I managed to get a volunteer position at my local co-working space in exchange for free membership.


How Often Will I Use It?

Now this is a good question.  Are you buying a super expensive product that you only plan to use once or twice?  Then maybe pass on it.  On the other hand, will this purchase be used everyday? Will it bring tons value to you and your business?  Then go for it!


Will This Purchase Help Me?

Sounds like a silly question because I know your answer is yes, but go a little deeper.  Are you buying a Facebook ads course before you even have a product?  Then the answer is no because right now this product won’t help you.  On the other hand, if you are having trouble finding time to post to all your social networking apps, a scheduling tool would be a purchase that will save you so much time and stress.  Evaluate the effect of your purchase based on the return you will get from it down the line.


Can I Return It?

I’m serious.  Read the fine print.  A lesson I had to learn a long time ago is that returning a product doesn’t mean that I’m cheap.  It means I’m self-aware.  You know what your needs are and when a product or service does not meet that need.  This is what 30-day trials are for.  I signed up for an email automation tool and after 2 months of tinkering it was just a headache.  So canceled and asked for my money back.  Guess what? No one called me cheap, poor, etc.  They said sorry this didn’t work out for you, your money will be in the bank in 3 business days.  Easy peasy.


Moral of the Story: You don’t need every shiny object.  God, the universe, or whoever you believe in has gifted you with everything you need to make your business work.  It’s important that you take the time to recognize and appreciate the tools and talents you have now by using them.

So chill out.  It may be time for you to stop learning from others, stop buying new things and stop preparing.  It might be time for you to just step out and be great as you are.

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