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You’ve read about Facebook Ads everywhere.  They seemed like the key to getting your business in front of more people to increase your sales.  So you give it a try, but the results are horrible.  There are no sales and you’re out a bunch of money.  Plus, you don’t even know what went wrong.  You’re thinking, “Facebook ads don’t work for me.”

You’re wrong.

Facebook ads can work for you.  I’ve seen so many people where you are, really disappointed with their Facebook ads experience.  After years of creating Facebook campaigns for doctors, gyms, and online entrepreneurs, I’ve learned a thing or two about Facebook Advertising.  If you find that your ads are not working, I want you to stop the campaign and address these 5 common mistakes.


You Don’t Know Your Ideal Client

This is a problem that I see often.  I’ve worked with many small businesses that think they know what kind of person will purchase their product or service.  I want to warn you against blindly creating Facebook audiences to show your ads to because many times,our assumptions are wrong.  It’s always best to blend your real-world knowledge of your Ideal client with Data Driven Targeting.

Here’s how you can fix it.  Use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to analyze the online interests of your target audience.  Audience Insights helps you identify other interests, demographics, and activities of your ideal client.  It’s a powerful tool that lets you discover the niche interests and patterns of your target audience.  The information you find here is sure to give you better results.

Check out my Targeting Checklist that goes over 12 things you NEED to know before doing any type of marketing. You can get it in LESSONS.


You’re Not Testing Your Audiences

You’ve got to test. Period.  I sell a supplement for hair growth. Targeting women who are interested in Essence Magazine actually gives me more opt-ins  than targeting women who liked the page “Grow Natural Hair.”  Who woulda thunkit?  I only know this because I tested my audiences before pouring a huge amount of money into Facebook advertising.  Instead of bunching up all of your interests into one large ad set, separate them out.  Test the audience first to see which group responds best to your message.  After you test the audience, then you can start tweaking the ad copy, images, and landing page.


Wrong Message To The Right Audience

If a stranger approached you on the train and asked you to marry them, would you? Probably not. (Unless he was Idris Elba! #imjustsayin)  That’s sort of what Online Marketing is like.  You can’t go up to a person that you’ve never met before and ask for a strong commitment like money.  Consumers buy products from those that they know, like, and trust. You’ve got to warm them up a little bit, maybe go out to dinner or share a little bit about yourself first.

So instead of targeting a new audience with a call to purchase your product, consider creating an ad that sets you apart as an authority or provides content that they will find useful.  This can be a  video of you teaching, a helpful blog post, or a checklist or case study.  Providing value first, allows you to build a reputation as someone that your potential client 1. Knows 2. Likes and 3. Trusts to provide useful information.  One you warm them up, only then should you retarget them with a paid offer.


Your Ad Sucks

Okay, maybe it doesn’t “suck,” but it’s not doing the job.  You can tell if your ad is the culprit by looking at your click-through rate.  Your click through rate is the amount of people who clicked on your ad divided by the amount of people Facebook showed your ad.  The higher the number, the better,  Low percentage points, I’d say under 1%, are cause for worry.  You see, in order for Facebook users to click on your ad, your copy and image have to be on point.  This means that the body text, title, and link description all have to be written to clearly relay your message and entice users to take advantage of the offer. The same goes for your image.  Simple changes like image color, adding a human to the ad image, or reducing the amount of text on your image can drastically improve your success.


Your Goals Are Not Clear

I’ve seen a lot ads that make the rookie mistake of  branding as opposed to lead generation.  Before you press submit you have to be clear on the goal of your ad. Do want an email address?  Do you want people to come into your office? Do you want to schedule a phone call?  Once you know your goal, you have to set up the infrastructure to collect this information.  So you can use lead generation goals in the Facebook Ad platform or create a landing page to do this.  If you create a beautiful video for your ad with no button for people to click on, then you’ll hurt your results.

Also, make sure your ask is appropriate.  If you want to email a report, then asking for a phone number will probably give you a high bounce rate on your landing page.


Your Market Is Saturated Or In A High Priced Area

This is one situation that sucks.  I usually see this issue when working with small local businesses.  I work with a lot with doctors.  I’ve found that the ones located in wealthier area codes such as Laguna Beach or Manhattan, don’t get great results with a small budget.  The audience in this area is high income and very popular with high-end products/services so there is a lot of competition in this area.  The competition and demographics raise the cost of advertising in the area.  Other advertising such as placing an ad in a local magazine in Laguna Beach costs 5x’s more than in another city like Salt Lake City.  Thus Facebook ads often mirror the competitive costs in the area.

How do you fix it?  In this case, you’re going to have to increase your budget or dedicate some money and time to get creative with your targeting. Sometimes quirky targeting can connect you with your ideal client. With chiropractors, instead of targeting back pain, I would target other auxiliary interests like Tim McGraw or FOX News. The cost/lead was lower with this less direct target audience.


Your Ad and Image and Incongruent

When people click on your ad do they land where they expect to?  You Facebook ad and the landing page after users click the ad should be congruent.  This means that the offer is the same, language is the same, and many times that the image is similar.  So if you ad offers a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the title of your landing page is a 4 Week Personal Training Session, you can lose visitors who feel they’ve been bamboozled.

You Keep Changing Stuff

It takes a few days for Facebook to optimize your ads and show them to users who are most likely to opt in or convert on your page. This optimization improves over time, but every time you update your ads, this optimization is reset. So make sure you think your changes through.  Even small changes like increasing your budget can reset your optimization.  So if you’re tweaking your campaign everyday, you need to stop.  Take the time to analyze your campaign and determine what changes need to be made so you can apply them all at one time.  Then choose a pre-determined time that you will let your ads run to analyze the changes that you just made before you make more edits.
Those are my top 8 reasons why your Facebook ads may not be giving you the results that you want.  Let me know in the comments below if any particular one resonated with you.


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