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What Is This Place?


 Good Question.

The Sixof7 is a resource filled community for female entrepreneurs. I’m trying to help you turn that idea into an inspired business that actually makes money.

But the first question is, Do You Want A Successful Business?

If yes, then you’re not alone.  Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming and isolating experience.  That’s why so many of us stop at the idea phase.

You may get overwhelmed with all the things that are necessary to turn your ideas into reality.

→ Business Plan

→ Money

→ Website

→ Marketing

Or maybe you lack faith in yourself?  Do you wonder if you can actually create a viable business?  Maybe you don’t have the time… or you work 40+ hours a week… or you have no experience and you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you have tried to start something in the past and it’s failed… or life got in the way.  You’ve wasted money. You’ve had bad partnerships. You couldn’t figure out the right strategy.  Maybe you’re just struggling with discipline and follow through?

I was where you are now.  I’ve had so many ideas.  I’ve invested money, bought domains, built websites but never really followed through for all of the reasons above.  Life just got in the way.  As bad as I wanted to make more money, I just couldn’t make it happen.

I’m here to tell you that this does not have to be your story.  I have created two profitable businesses, LeadGen180 and Fulfillity Hair, where before I was just full of ideas.

You can do it too.  You are not lazy.  You are more than an idea.  You can be [will be] a successful business owner.

You’re probably wondering… Who are you to help me?

Another good question.  

I’m Dayo…

No, please don’t sing that Harry Belafonte song.  It’s more like “Die-Yo”.  That’s a Yoruba name that means “Joy”.circle-2

I created Sixof7 because I believe in the power of female entrepreneurs of color.  We spend every day giving our talents to our work, our schoolwork, our relationships, our children and our households.  I wanted to create a space that challenged black women with entrepreneurial dreams to take one day of the week to focus on their ideas and goals.  Six days for everyone else, one day for you!  In this space, I provide resources, training, and articles to assist the busy woman of color to transcend roadblocks that may deter their success.

Three years ago I found myself in Salt Lake City, Utah a place without many people of color.  I was a Law and Business school dropout, a recent survivor of an abusive relationship, friendless, BROKE, and just lost in general. Luckily, I found an awesome job that recognized my drive and skills, despite my failure to finish school.  My boss became an amazing mentor who invested time and money in me with counseling and sponsorship to attend training in business building and marketing. However, in all my training videos, seminars, forums, private Facebook pages, and conferences I was the only black woman.  I mean, like, seriously.  

 People were sharing their path to a financially stable and more fulfilling life. They were basically giving out the step by step process to be an all-around happier person.  All I could think is, WOW.  These valuable resources, networking opportunities, and knowledge were being funneled around in a community that didn’t look like me.

It’s total nonsense. 

I decided it was time that stopped.  So, I am sharing everything I have learned on this website about starting and growing a business.  There are no secrets between us.  I want you to watch and download all my resources, templates, cheat sheets, and videos so that you too can create AND grow an inspired business that makes money.  

I know what it’s like to start, fail, keep going, doubt yourself, get motivated, and start all over again while working mad jobs.  It’s possible. That’s why it’s important to me that you succeed.

I am so excited to serve you in this community of multi-cultural female entrepreneurs and hope that we can become sisters-friends in success!

To get started, join my newsletter here and access my vault of resources.

You can also peep me on the gram. That’s my second home!

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