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Why I Stopped Setting Goals – And What I Do Instead

Why I Stopped Setting Goals – And What I Do Instead

6 months ago I stopped setting goals.

I used to be a prolific goal-setter. I had income goals, website traffic goals, social media goals, FB group goals, client goals, weight loss goals, you name it and I had goals for it.

So what changed?

Well for one, even though I was a goal setting queen, I was desperately unhappy. The more goals I set, the more goals I didn’t accomplish. So I was constantly evaluating and criticizing myself. I spent more time feeling bad than good. I was always not disciplined enough, or working hard enough, or likable, or any other negative reason I could attribute to not meeting my goals.

Those who know me well, know that under all this discipline, I’m forreal forreal a low key hippie chasing positive vibes and good karma. Last year, I felt like each day was defined by how much money I did or didn’t make, how many likes, followers, and views I got. All things that had meaning, but were not “meaningful” to me. I want joy. I want more ways to be kind. I want to teach and share with my whole heart in it. I want to contribute to the well-being of people my community.

So, where before I used to delight in a new sale, or lots of engagement on a post, or a new group member, now every new blog request, question, or a day spent not engaging felt like a heavy burden. In fact, each month that I  ACTUALLY achieved a goal by going up in followers or meeting my income aspiration felt like an empty celebration. It didn’t feel like a step forward. It didn’t feel like a step anywhere… (Sorry for the ungrateful rambling but I want to be honest here.)

So I stopped setting those damn goals. Here are my new crazy thoughts about it.

Setting goals is a big waste of time. WAIT! Don’t x out of the screen yet. There’s some reasoning here! Setting goals is a waste of time IF you don’t have a vision for yourself. Here’s what I mean by vision.

Imagine if I invited you to go on vacation with me. I say “HEY I just bought us an all-inclusive trip for 2 and we leave Monday. You get all excited and start making moves. You request off work, buy a bathing suit, get some new flip flops, get your hair done, start a 5-day juice fast to fit in the bathing suit, and sign up to list your place on Airbnb. So you’re running around spending your time, energy, and resources. Come Sunday you’re like “I DID THAT!”

Now, what if I told you we’re going backpacking in Utah for 3 weeks. Now you’re thinking all those new clothes you bought, this juicer, and new sew-in may not really be all that important anymore. You need hiking shoes, and braids, and to Google what black women take on a backbacking trip through Utah!

The point I’m trying to make here is you can set goals all you want, but they don’t make sense unless you know where you’re going and WHY. The goal of getting your hair done did not help you. In fact, it only wasted your time and brought no satisfaction.

Now if I said we’re going to Jamaica for 2 weeks, the goals sort of just make themselves? You know what to pack, what days to request off work, you can look at the weather, plan activities, get your passport together, etc.

Operating any other way is just hustling backward.

I discuss a practical way of creating goals that are defined by a vision in this post. I suggest you read it, download the goal setting sheets, and hit a sista up with your comments.

Hope my experience helps you.



5 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas That Get Big Results

5 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas That Get Big Results

I try to run my business with a backbone. This means a lot of times I turn away potential clients. Yes, I turn away people… with money…who wanted to give it to me…

You’re probably like, WHYYYY Dayo?

I have my reasons, but the gist of it is they just aren’t ready to spend money. When we start a business and begin brainstorming the best way to get those first few sales, I like to say that we have one of two things.  That’s money or time. Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on product placement, Facebook ads, print advertising, or influencer marketing, but what we do have is time! So, if you’re just getting started or if you’ve already begun but haven’t had much traction, you can use your time to create sales instead of going into debt trying to follow what all the ballers are doing.

That’s why I’m sharing 5 marketing strategies you can use today that cost little or no money. Only time.



Partnerships are an undervalued resource for new customers. I myself get almost all of my clients from partnerships.  I am currently partnered with a consulting company who helps medical professionals. These medical professional need marketing services. So, I am listed as a resource on their website,  I do an online training for them once a month, and I fly out every other month to speak during their in-person training sessions. This is how I stay booked up.

Partnerships don’t have to look exactly like this to succeed.  Let’s take an eyelash business for example. If you’ve just launched an eyelash brand you could find another company who specializes in makeup. When they are creating makeup tutorials you can be the eyelash brand featured in the video. In fact, why don’t you provide a coupon insert that goes out with each of their products and you can put their coupon in your product order as well! This is an easy way to get product placement without spending any money.

Another partnership idea is influencer marketing. Pass your product along to someone in exchange for exposure. You can do the same the for a service. Perform your service free of charge in exchange for exposure from an influencer.There are tons of other creative ways to use partnerships so stay woke and look for opportunities around you.



I fly to Utah, yes Utah, every other month to speak at a training event. Why do I suffer in Salt Lake City every 60 days? Because there are people who want to give me money in Salt Lake City every 60 days. Identify who your ideal client and then figure out where they go. There are many events where you can apply or pitch yourself as a presenter or workshop leader. You can do this in person, on a group webinar, a live summit, whatevaaaa. I cannot tell you how many people I discover during the conferences I go to. In fact, I was just at Blavity’s EmpowerHer17 event and I was going crazy on Instagram following all these fly, dope, smart, women that were presenting on stage.

Events are a perfect way to show off your skills to potential customers.



Here’s a DM I got from my friend this morning. (at 6:47am might I add)

It’s a contest for a giveaway. I’m sure we’ve all entered an online contests or two. What’s great about contests is that you can use your network to grow your network. The best contests are viral. Going viral means when a person signs up they refer a group of friends that also sign up, who in turn refer their group of friends who also sign up, and so on… and so on… In this way, you can exponentially grow your exposure, followers, and email list at the cost of your only your product!



How do you get referrals. Well there are a lot of ways, but the number one way is to create a great product or do a good job. I have to stress this before sharing any tips. People tell their friends about great products and an amazing experience. So if you can provide that, you will get referrals.

More practically you can provide incentives. In every order of Fulfillity order, I put in a coupon code for the customer and a friend. On the thank you page of your order form or opt-in, you can add a share widget, which will post on the customer’s social media that they have purchased from you.

But what I find works the best, is just asking. Closed mouths don’t get fed.  Create a friends and family discount special or send an email on a slow business day and ask. Again, if you’re doing a good job your clients or previous customers will be happy to spread the word about your amazing product or service.



Last but not least is content. Content is still King! (Or Queen as I like to say) If you create compelling content related to your product or service people will find it, engage with it, and buy from you. Simple right? The problem is just creating good content and showing to the right people. So first, identify where you potential clients hang out. Is it youtube, pinterest, facebook, instagram, blogs, the comment section… Once you can identify where they are, create really good content that appeals to that audience and promote the shit out of it. That means having really good SEO, pinning it everywhere, and sharing it on social media. If there is a good connection with your content and product, people will buy! 


So, feeling more confident about protecting those coins? I hope so. Before you pull out that credit card to pay for ads, try one of these 5 marketing strategies first!


Birth Yo’ Ugly Baby – 3 Truths About Doing Hard Stuff

Birth Yo’ Ugly Baby – 3 Truths About Doing Hard Stuff

“Dayo, you just have to give birth to your ugly baby”

These are words from my friend Ofunne. Now I am not with child. Also I highly doubt my baby will be ugly. I mean, check out these cheekbones! (I digress.) Ofunne was actually talking about my whispered secret to her that I wanted to write books and lead heart centered discussions.

Now ya’ll may be like, but Dayo! You out here killing it. You have a Marketing Agency, blog, supplement business, and you get to travel and work from wherevaaaaa. Oh SURE! That ish is good. Damn good in fact, but your girl is having a bit of trouble smelling the roses.

See, my “baby” is this dream about writing books and speaking. I want a pretty baby. I want to write a beautiful novel that resonates with millions of people. I want Harvard to call me to speak on their literary panel. I also low-key want to be Oprah, but instead of writing stuff I’m over here thinking Dayo thoughts.

  • I’m not ready.
  • Maybe no one cares what I want to write about.
  • Maybe I’m a shitty writer.
  • I don’t have time to market this thing.
  • What if I’m not creative.
  • How do people even get book deals?
  • Maybe I should just start off small.
  • Damn ain’t no one gonna buy this thing. There’s too much content as it is.
  • Okay, let me wait one year then I’ll do it.
  • I’ll write an easier book first for practice.

Ya know, basic stalling. I have a habit intellectualizing my way out of doing what I really want to do. According to Ofunne, I need to just “BIRTH YO UGLY BABY.”


I do realize the irony here. I encourage and teach people to pursue their business dreams all the ding dong day, but it looks like I may have forgotten what it feels like to be doing ish you ACTUALLY want to do. It’s hard AF. But this encouragement from my friend brings three important thoughts to mind.

You Need Clarity

I guarantee you that your project, blog, or idea will stay constipated if you lack clarity. So, if you don’t know where to start, what you want, who to talk to, or how to focus then this is your first step. Get clear! Easier said than done right? No worries, I got you. I have 5 Day Clarity Challenge that will help you zero in on what you want. You can sign up at

Resistance Is Sexy

Honestly, it was MUCH easier to quit my job, travel, and start this marketing agency when I was broke and sad. Now that I have steady clients and can actually pay these student loans, any move towards a “dream” sounds more and more stupid. Why would I put energy into something that may not make me money? Who cares if I am happy as long as these bills are paid? Let me wait until I make MORE money, then I can think about these things. So for all those in a cushiony 9-5, I know ya’ll are struggling more than most.

The Fear Doesn’t Go Away

If you’re like me and get a little scuuuured at the prospect of starting something new or putting yourself out there. I’ve got some good and bad news. The Bad News: The perfect time will never come and your fear won’t go away. You’re probably like Wha aaa AAT, Dayo? But no, seriously. You’ll intellectualize why you need to buy your website domain next month instead of today. You’ll convince yourself that everyone is doing it and it’s too late. OR you’ll buy hella equipment before recording your podcast. (Points To Self) You’re not smart, you’re scuuured. And that’s okay. That’s the good news. Just know that every justification you have to wait for the perfect time is based on a fear that won’t go away. So don’t let the lack OR presence of fear be your marker to do things. Do it scared. Do it anyway.

Conclusion: Birth Yo Ugly Baby

Also if you’re interested in joining the clarity challenge sign your behind up here. =]

Branding Your Business – 7 Components of A Great Brand

Branding Your Business – 7 Components of A Great Brand

What Is Branding

Confession. Branding is a word I’ve always used, but never really understood. Are you guilty as well?

I would meet women all the time who offered branding services, but I never signed up because I wasn’t sure how branding would make me money. The packages seemed to be all over the place too. Some people offered coaching sessions while others offered logo and website design.  Which of these would define my brand?

It wasn’t until I started hearing stories in the Six of 7 Private Facebook Group about disappointing experiences with branding “experts” that I decided to take some time to decipher what branding was once and for all.

So what is branding? Is it your website? Is it your color scheme? Blog? Logo?

It’s actually all of the above.

Branding is the perception other people have of you or your business. It’s not something you can actually own. Instead, it resides in the mind of your customers and potential customers. So your logo, website, colors, etc. are all components that create your the brand perception. They’re ALL a part of your brand.


Why Is Branding Important?

You wanna make more money right? That’s why branding is important. Here’s proof.

Professor Tim Calkins of Kellogg University did an interesting experiment with his MBA class. He first, divided his students into 3 groups.  Then, he showed the first group a picture of 14k gold earrings and asked how much they would pay for the jewelry piece. He then asked the second group how much they would pay for the same earrings if the advertisement had “From Tiffany” on it.  He asked the third group the same question, but this time changing “From Tiffany” to “Walmart.”

What do you think the results were?

The average price the first group guessed for the earrings was $550. The group who saw the Tiffany logo quoted the price at $873 and the group that saw the Walmart logo guessed $81! Yup.

Do you see how important your brand is? It’s so strong that it can drop the value of your product/service by over $792 or 81%!

So now that you know how important your brand is, what should you do? How do you create your brand?

I’m no branding expert, but I did meet one at Traffic and Conversion Summit this year. His name is Re Perez and he is awesome! Here are 7 areas, according to Re, you need to address to build a great brand.


7 Components of a Great Brand


Logos identify our product or service in the market.  They help customers distinguish us from other businesses and attract new clients. If you want to stand out in the crowd your logo can do that for you. Check out these companies who have recently revamped their logos.

The logos feel different, right? So what should you consider when creating your own logo? Here are 7 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Where will my logo be located? Website? Product? Ads? Print?
  2. How can my logo stand out?
  3. What do I want people to remember about my logo?
  4. Which logo fonts best represent my business?
  5. Is my logo a literal representation of my business or more conceptual?
  6. Which type of logo will appeal to my target audience?
  7. Which word or words do I want to emphasize in my logo?


At first glance, the colors represented in your logo, website, or Instagram images don’t seem very important, but they are! Colors elicit emotion. We want to make sure that your logo isn’t eliciting emotions that are bad for business. In fact, there is an entire field of psychology that focuses on the emotion of colors. Check out the easy chart below.


Fonts have personality. Each font elicits a completely different feeling. These feelings are enough to make the difference in being perceived as a budget brand or premium brand.  Check out the popular logos below shown in Comic Sans (BTW. Don’t eva eva use this font in your logo) Notice how they make you feel! Professional? NAH!


Images can refer to your photography, the stock photos you use, filters, etc. Are these images professional, edgy, modern, hip?  With Fulfillity Hair and The Six of 7, I make an effort to use images that feature women of color between ages 25-40. My audience for LeadGen180 is different. I don’t use the young hipster stock photo. Instead, I use images of professional 40+ to attract my ideal client of chiropractors and doctors.


Your tone is your brand personality described in an adjective. Tone is evident in your writing style, speaking, or simply when presenting yourself.  You can be viewed as lively, positive, cynical, or professional. Oprah’s tone, for example, is nurturing and Gary Vaynerchucks’ is intense. If you’re looking for your tone here are 3 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Which 5 words best describe you?
  2. Review something you have written such as a blog post, ad, or website copy. Which adjectives come through clearly?
  3. Is your voice distinct in your industry? How so?


Is your design professional, playful, animated, fun, modern? I am still a Canva girl, but I’m sure both you and I can spot a design that was made using the service and one done by a professional designer. Designs made professionally have a certain WOW factor. You can’t make advertising flyers like this in Canva:



How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? The answer is your positioning. Many times business owners answer this question with stock replies such as “I have quality products” or “I give really great customer service.  ”That’s not actually positioning. Quality service and customer support should be expected. Think of positioning in this Lush and Loreal example. Both companies sell skin care products but Lush is eco-friendly and L’Oreal is more science – based. Look at how they both describe a moisturizer.

“In these little pots is every last ounce of our experience and expertise, along with a world of high quality, natural ingredients.”Lush


“Proven science, cutting-edge innovations captured in luxurious textures for a sumptuous skin care experience.” L’Oréal

There are other brands that position themselves in their marketing as well.


  1. Nationwide – On Your Side
  2. Allstate – You’re In Good Hands

Fast Food

  1. Burger King – Choice, Have It Your Way
  2. McDonald’s – I’m Loving It, Happy Meal
  3. Wendys – Real Food, Quality


Was that helpful? I hope so! Jump in The Six of 7 Facebook group so we can work together to audit your brand. See ya soon.


How To Do Influencer Marketing

How To Do Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are individuals or brands with large online followings.  Influencer Marketing involves hiring the individuals to showcase your product or service in exchange for payment or free products/services.

If the influencer is followed by your ideal client this can be a very profitable exchange that can bring you a lot of new customers. I’m talking CASSHHH MONEYYYY!

Don’t let this fancy sounding phrase intimidate you. Influencer marketing is nothing new. Think Jordan and Nike, or Shaq and that dang Gold Bond commercial. Thanks to social media, you don’t need to be Nike to utilize influencer marketing. Now any small business or brand can connect with an influencer for marketing purposes.

Why Should I Consider Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is great if you want to increase sales, boost followers online, grow your list, or drive traffic to your site.  Plus, it’s more cost-effective than other marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Pinterest, print, TV, etc. I’ve done a bit of Influencer marketing for the supplement that I sell called Fulfillity Hair.


@jaicurls – 12.9k Followers

@mssonjamodel – 21.4k Followers


@ange_liah – 31.2k Followers


In this post, I’m going to walk you through my process of reaching out to online influencers to promote a product or service. This is by no means the only way to approach influencer marketing. It’s just what worked for me. Let’s answer a few questions.


Where Do You Find Influencers?

This really depends on your space. Almost all of the influencers I worked with are on Instagram, but you can also reach out to bloggers, media websites, Youtube, and Facebook Pages.   There are also services where you can search and find Influencers in your niche.  Such services include or


How Do You Know If An Influencer Is Right For You?

It’s important to work with influencers whose followers are your ideal clients. A great place to start is by searching popular hashtags on Instagram, contacting large Youtube accounts, or identifying popular Facebook pages. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the leaders if you know your industry well.

After finding a leader in your niche, you also need to do a little research of the social media accounts to discover if this influencer can provide results for you.  Here’s the thing. While many people appear popular online, their large following can be fabricated by purchasing followers, likes, and views. What you should look for is high engagement. One of my best collaborations was with a girl who had 4,000 followers, but each photo had almost 1,000 likes and 100 comments. Her followers were VERY engaged. So when she posted an image of her results with my product I received orders right away and lots of questions.

Beware fake influencers. They’ll take your product/money and preach about it to all 100 of their active followers. *rolls eyes* I talk more about how to tell the difference between a fake and real influencer in the video below.



What Do You Say To An Influencer?

In order to get in contact, I usually check to see if the influencer has an email address listed in their bio. If they do I send an email. If they don’t, I send a DM. Here’s what the message says.

Hi (Insert Influencer Name),


I love your Instagram feed and wanted to see if you would be interested in a collab.  We just launched a 21 Day Hair Growth Challenge that focuses on emotional health and nutrition.

You can check out our site here:

I’d love to send you our supplements and the challenge material.

Let me know if you’d be interested and where to send it!



Dayo – Fulfillity Hair

The influencer usually agrees or requests more information. Don’t get discouraged if you get a lot of rejections. I find that many people do not respond or they just send me a price sheet. Unfortunately, paid promotion isn’t in my budget right now, so I kindly respond that I’ll reach back when my marketing budget is larger.

Here’s my follow-up email once the influencer agrees to participate.

Hi (Influencer Name)


Thank you so much for agreeing to do the 21 Day Challenge.  We want to start filling the pipeline of great testimonials and before and after pictures for the summer.


At Fulfillity we believe that hair growth is more than a supplement.  That’s why we pair our Fulfillity Vitamins with an eating guide and Stress Relief Activities..


We would like to send you our package in exchange for your before and after pictures and a testimonial that we can share on our Instagram.


All we ask is that you faithfully take your supplements for 30 days, follow the eating guidelines, and do the stress relief techniques.


Does that sound like something you can do?  You just have to post an image with you on Instagram holding the product.  You can take it down whenever you like.


If this sounds cool with you, send us your address and we’ll get a package out to you this week.


So excited to hear from you!


That’s it.  It’s really important to set expectations for influencers.  You don’t want to just send your product out and have them do nothing with it.  (This HAPPENS a lot)  I’ve made that mistake in the past and wasted a lot of inventory. Now I send a follow-up with more detailed instructions. Here’s what it looks like.



What About Brands?

The process is just a little bit different when advertising on a blog, Facebook page, or Instagram page like @myhaircrush. These are almost never free, but don’t get discouraged to try them. The prices are surprisingly affordable.

In this case, I send an email that goes something like this:




I am interested in advertising on your page.  Can you please share your pricing and any other details that I would need to know?


Thank you!


Brands usually respond with a media kit or pricing options.  Once paid for they’ll tell you how to submit the relevant information such as Instagram Image, post caption, and hashtags.  Here is an example of a checkout page and pricing.


In terms of pricing here are a few more examples:


FACEBOOK POSTS W/ OUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Post – $175 per post
5 Posts – $160 per post
10 Posts – $150 per post


FACEBOOK POSTS W/ YOUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Post – $95 per post
5 Posts – $85 per post
10 Posts – $75 per post

*Three posts weekly max.  All posts must have a 48-hour gap in between.


INSTAGRAM POSTS W/ OUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Posts – $90 per post
5 Posts – $80 per post
10 Posts – $70 per post


INSTAGRAM POSTS W/ YOUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Posts – $50 per post
5 Posts – $40 per post
10 Posts – $30 per post

*Three posts weekly max.  All posts must have a 48 hour gap in between.


WEBSITE AD: Duration (3 month minimum).  Most recommended option.

*One 300 x 250 ad space on our website (right side).
*Three month term is the minimum requirement.
*Six month term receives FOUR FREE Instagram posts.
Rate: new client special $1,200/ three months = $400/mo.

Here are two media kits I received from different online brands

What Were Your Results?

In terms of results, I’ve received a few sales, increased traffic, testimonial images (these are priceless), and a boost in followers every time an ad or endorsement was posted. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment especially if your only cost is postage and product.  I do suggest that you record your stats. You want to be able to quantify your results to justify your product or marketing cost.


Bonus Tips:

Be Entertaining

The ads with the most engagement are the ones that fit with the theme of the page you’re advertising on.  So instead of simply creating a graphic with a picture of your product add text or a funny video.

Set Expectations

I cannot stress this one enough.  It’s important that you give instructions on how you want your product placed.  Do you want an Instagram post as soon as the product is received?  Do you want a positive review? An endorsement? Do you want your advert posted at a certain time? Do you want a specific caption under you advert?

Do Your Research

Choose influencers that your target audience follows. You should also make sure you check to see what the engagement is under other adverts on the influencer’s page as many influencers out there use fake metrics.For tips on identifying the right influencers for you, check out this video.


Hope that helped you guys that are interested in influencer marketing. Is there anything I missed?