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What Is Branding

Confession. Branding is a word I’ve always used, but never really understood. Are you guilty as well?

I would meet women all the time who offered branding services, but I never signed up because I wasn’t sure how branding would make me money. The packages seemed to be all over the place too. Some people offered coaching sessions while others offered logo and website design.  Which of these would define my brand?

It wasn’t until I started hearing stories in the Six of 7 Private Facebook Group about disappointing experiences with branding “experts” that I decided to take some time to decipher what branding was once and for all.

So what is branding? Is it your website? Is it your color scheme? Blog? Logo?

It’s actually all of the above.

Branding is the perception other people have of you or your business. It’s not something you can actually own. Instead, it resides in the mind of your customers and potential customers. So your logo, website, colors, etc. are all components that create your the brand perception. They’re ALL a part of your brand.


Why Is Branding Important?

You wanna make more money right? That’s why branding is important. Here’s proof.

Professor Tim Calkins of Kellogg University did an interesting experiment with his MBA class. He first, divided his students into 3 groups.  Then, he showed the first group a picture of 14k gold earrings and asked how much they would pay for the jewelry piece. He then asked the second group how much they would pay for the same earrings if the advertisement had “From Tiffany” on it.  He asked the third group the same question, but this time changing “From Tiffany” to “Walmart.”

What do you think the results were?

The average price the first group guessed for the earrings was $550. The group who saw the Tiffany logo quoted the price at $873 and the group that saw the Walmart logo guessed $81! Yup.

Do you see how important your brand is? It’s so strong that it can drop the value of your product/service by over $792 or 81%!

So now that you know how important your brand is, what should you do? How do you create your brand?

I’m no branding expert, but I did meet one at Traffic and Conversion Summit this year. His name is Re Perez and he is awesome! Here are 7 areas, according to Re, you need to address to build a great brand.


7 Components of a Great Brand


Logos identify our product or service in the market.  They help customers distinguish us from other businesses and attract new clients. If you want to stand out in the crowd your logo can do that for you. Check out these companies who have recently revamped their logos.

The logos feel different, right? So what should you consider when creating your own logo? Here are 7 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Where will my logo be located? Website? Product? Ads? Print?
  2. How can my logo stand out?
  3. What do I want people to remember about my logo?
  4. Which logo fonts best represent my business?
  5. Is my logo a literal representation of my business or more conceptual?
  6. Which type of logo will appeal to my target audience?
  7. Which word or words do I want to emphasize in my logo?


At first glance, the colors represented in your logo, website, or Instagram images don’t seem very important, but they are! Colors elicit emotion. We want to make sure that your logo isn’t eliciting emotions that are bad for business. In fact, there is an entire field of psychology that focuses on the emotion of colors. Check out the easy chart below.


Fonts have personality. Each font elicits a completely different feeling. These feelings are enough to make the difference in being perceived as a budget brand or premium brand.  Check out the popular logos below shown in Comic Sans (BTW. Don’t eva eva use this font in your logo) Notice how they make you feel! Professional? NAH!


Images can refer to your photography, the stock photos you use, filters, etc. Are these images professional, edgy, modern, hip?  With Fulfillity Hair and The Six of 7, I make an effort to use images that feature women of color between ages 25-40. My audience for LeadGen180 is different. I don’t use the young hipster stock photo. Instead, I use images of professional 40+ to attract my ideal client of chiropractors and doctors.


Your tone is your brand personality described in an adjective. Tone is evident in your writing style, speaking, or simply when presenting yourself.  You can be viewed as lively, positive, cynical, or professional. Oprah’s tone, for example, is nurturing and Gary Vaynerchucks’ is intense. If you’re looking for your tone here are 3 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Which 5 words best describe you?
  2. Review something you have written such as a blog post, ad, or website copy. Which adjectives come through clearly?
  3. Is your voice distinct in your industry? How so?


Is your design professional, playful, animated, fun, modern? I am still a Canva girl, but I’m sure both you and I can spot a design that was made using the service and one done by a professional designer. Designs made professionally have a certain WOW factor. You can’t make advertising flyers like this in Canva:



How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? The answer is your positioning. Many times business owners answer this question with stock replies such as “I have quality products” or “I give really great customer service.  ”That’s not actually positioning. Quality service and customer support should be expected. Think of positioning in this Lush and Loreal example. Both companies sell skin care products but Lush is eco-friendly and L’Oreal is more science – based. Look at how they both describe a moisturizer.

“In these little pots is every last ounce of our experience and expertise, along with a world of high quality, natural ingredients.”Lush


“Proven science, cutting-edge innovations captured in luxurious textures for a sumptuous skin care experience.” L’Oréal

There are other brands that position themselves in their marketing as well.


  1. Nationwide – On Your Side
  2. Allstate – You’re In Good Hands

Fast Food

  1. Burger King – Choice, Have It Your Way
  2. McDonald’s – I’m Loving It, Happy Meal
  3. Wendys – Real Food, Quality


Was that helpful? I hope so! Jump in The Six of 7 Facebook group so we can work together to audit your brand. See ya soon.


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