Grind Groups: An Online Accountability Group For Women of Color

You've Been Inspired, Now It's Time To Execute!

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We use SCRUM to manage projects. SCRUM is a management methodology that breaks down the larger projects into smaller "sprints" and "tasks" to avoid overwhelm and encourage real results.

Ideas are easy, but it's the execution is what really matters. That's why I created Grind Groups. Grind Groups gather business-minded women who are serious about executing an idea or finishing a project. We meet every weekday for 30 days at 5am to work together for 1 hour.  All projects and tasks are tracked via a virtual group project board by the group leader using the Scrum Methodology. 

We meet every weekday on a structured 1 hour video call. These calls are geared towards facilitating accountability, actual WORK, and inspiration.

Meet Online

What Are Grind Groups?

Get Pumped

We're serious about running an inspired business.  That's why we do a quick gratitude and mindset check in at the end of each call. It's the perfect way to start your day off right!

Track Your Progress

Commitment is important and we all know that monetary transactions increase motivation! That's why we charge for Grind Group membership to ensure that every member is invested in their won success. Membership is $100 for one month. No need to auto-renew. You can pause and rejoin whenever you like! 

The first cohort launches January 2, 2018!

What Do I Get?

Daily Check-Ins

Close-Knit Group of Goal Getters


Diversity of Thought

Private Facebook group

Immediate Personalized Feedback

Progress Tracking

The Six of 7 Goal Killer Planner

What Matters Is What You Actually Do...

How Much Is It?

How much time are you spending thinking about it, rather than doing it?

That's where Grind Groups come in! This accountability group will help you make progress on your goals. Our sessions will push you to flesh out your goals and establish clear tasks so you can measure and achieve them.  We'll help you keep your energy and enthusiasm high so you'll feel like you’re actually getting stuff done. You won't be alone!

1. Three Strikes

To make sure everyone is serious, we employ a 3-strike rule for tardiness or missing a session during each cohort.

No napping, social media, or slacking off. We know it's early, but we're serious about taking this hour to be productive.

2. Defined Project

3. Get Stuff Done

If you're not about that work, this is not the group for you. This morning hour is for research, building, writing, and executing.

What Are The Rules?


What Is A Grind Group?

A Grind Group is a group of up to 6 people who come together every weekday at 5am to work on a project. The goal is to create a community of people who are working together towards success. Whether you're starting a business, writing a book, or planning an event, we want you to turn all those creative juices into something tangible. It's all about support, results, and progress.

What Happens During A Meeting? 

We use the SCRUM methodology during our meetings. The group leader will spend 10 minutes to ask each individual what they completed the day before, what they will work on that day, and what may be slowing their progress. This is followed by 40 minutes of focused work and then 10 minutes of encouragement and positive affirmations.

What Kind of Project Can I Do?

You can work on your book, write a blog, learn a language, build a new funnel, design a website, write grant applications, flesh out a launch, or just get your shit together. The goal is to find time during the day that is dedicated to the execution of something YOU want to do.

How Many Members Are In A Group?

For the sake of efficiency, Grind Groups are limited 6 members. You'll get a chance to get to know your cohort and their projects more intimately this way.

How Long Is A Cohort?

Cohorts last for 1 month. You must manually renew your registration every month.

Does It Matter Where I Live?

Right now we have 2 cohorts. One is at 5am EST and the other is at 5AM PST. If you can join us at that time you are welcome! Look out for other cohorts beginning soon in different time zones.

Wait, Most Mastermind Programs are around $10K. Why Is This So Reasonably Priced? 

Women of color don't get many chances to work together, trust each other, or help each other. That's why we've worked hard to price the program at a range that many women can access. While we understand that most programs of this caliber cost must more, by mentoring and sponsoring our Grind Group Members we hope to foster a community of creative and entrepreneurial women who lift one another up. 

Why 5am? That's Early AF!

The single biggest reason why most people never achieve what they want to in their lives is that they neglect to take the time to work out what they want and work out how they are going to make it happen! 5am is the time before the world distracts you, discourages you, or asks of you. This is YOUR time to get ish done!

I Love This Idea, But I Legit Can't Do 5am :( 

I realize that there are some people who work very early in the morning or are legit night owls. There are plans to run a Night Owl Grind Group. If you're interested email me at

When Does The Next Program Start?

January 2, 2018.

Dayo Adiatu,

No Idea Is Too Big or Too Small!

"You can have a million ideas, but they're all worthless if you don't get them done!"

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