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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are individuals or brands with large online followings.  Influencer Marketing involves hiring the individuals to showcase your product or service in exchange for payment or free products/services.

If the influencer is followed by your ideal client this can be a very profitable exchange that can bring you a lot of new customers. I’m talking CASSHHH MONEYYYY!

Don’t let this fancy sounding phrase intimidate you. Influencer marketing is nothing new. Think Jordan and Nike, or Shaq and that dang Gold Bond commercial. Thanks to social media, you don’t need to be Nike to utilize influencer marketing. Now any small business or brand can connect with an influencer for marketing purposes.

Why Should I Consider Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is great if you want to increase sales, boost followers online, grow your list, or drive traffic to your site.  Plus, it’s more cost-effective than other marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Pinterest, print, TV, etc. I’ve done a bit of Influencer marketing for the supplement that I sell called Fulfillity Hair.


@jaicurls – 12.9k Followers

@mssonjamodel – 21.4k Followers


@ange_liah – 31.2k Followers


In this post, I’m going to walk you through my process of reaching out to online influencers to promote a product or service. This is by no means the only way to approach influencer marketing. It’s just what worked for me. Let’s answer a few questions.


Where Do You Find Influencers?

This really depends on your space. Almost all of the influencers I worked with are on Instagram, but you can also reach out to bloggers, media websites, Youtube, and Facebook Pages.   There are also services where you can search and find Influencers in your niche.  Such services include or


How Do You Know If An Influencer Is Right For You?

It’s important to work with influencers whose followers are your ideal clients. A great place to start is by searching popular hashtags on Instagram, contacting large Youtube accounts, or identifying popular Facebook pages. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the leaders if you know your industry well.

After finding a leader in your niche, you also need to do a little research of the social media accounts to discover if this influencer can provide results for you.  Here’s the thing. While many people appear popular online, their large following can be fabricated by purchasing followers, likes, and views. What you should look for is high engagement. One of my best collaborations was with a girl who had 4,000 followers, but each photo had almost 1,000 likes and 100 comments. Her followers were VERY engaged. So when she posted an image of her results with my product I received orders right away and lots of questions.

Beware fake influencers. They’ll take your product/money and preach about it to all 100 of their active followers. *rolls eyes* I talk more about how to tell the difference between a fake and real influencer in the video below.



What Do You Say To An Influencer?

In order to get in contact, I usually check to see if the influencer has an email address listed in their bio. If they do I send an email. If they don’t, I send a DM. Here’s what the message says.

Hi (Insert Influencer Name),


I love your Instagram feed and wanted to see if you would be interested in a collab.  We just launched a 21 Day Hair Growth Challenge that focuses on emotional health and nutrition.

You can check out our site here:

I’d love to send you our supplements and the challenge material.

Let me know if you’d be interested and where to send it!



Dayo – Fulfillity Hair

The influencer usually agrees or requests more information. Don’t get discouraged if you get a lot of rejections. I find that many people do not respond or they just send me a price sheet. Unfortunately, paid promotion isn’t in my budget right now, so I kindly respond that I’ll reach back when my marketing budget is larger.

Here’s my follow-up email once the influencer agrees to participate.

Hi (Influencer Name)


Thank you so much for agreeing to do the 21 Day Challenge.  We want to start filling the pipeline of great testimonials and before and after pictures for the summer.


At Fulfillity we believe that hair growth is more than a supplement.  That’s why we pair our Fulfillity Vitamins with an eating guide and Stress Relief Activities..


We would like to send you our package in exchange for your before and after pictures and a testimonial that we can share on our Instagram.


All we ask is that you faithfully take your supplements for 30 days, follow the eating guidelines, and do the stress relief techniques.


Does that sound like something you can do?  You just have to post an image with you on Instagram holding the product.  You can take it down whenever you like.


If this sounds cool with you, send us your address and we’ll get a package out to you this week.


So excited to hear from you!


That’s it.  It’s really important to set expectations for influencers.  You don’t want to just send your product out and have them do nothing with it.  (This HAPPENS a lot)  I’ve made that mistake in the past and wasted a lot of inventory. Now I send a follow-up with more detailed instructions. Here’s what it looks like.



What About Brands?

The process is just a little bit different when advertising on a blog, Facebook page, or Instagram page like @myhaircrush. These are almost never free, but don’t get discouraged to try them. The prices are surprisingly affordable.

In this case, I send an email that goes something like this:




I am interested in advertising on your page.  Can you please share your pricing and any other details that I would need to know?


Thank you!


Brands usually respond with a media kit or pricing options.  Once paid for they’ll tell you how to submit the relevant information such as Instagram Image, post caption, and hashtags.  Here is an example of a checkout page and pricing.


In terms of pricing here are a few more examples:


FACEBOOK POSTS W/ OUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Post – $175 per post
5 Posts – $160 per post
10 Posts – $150 per post


FACEBOOK POSTS W/ YOUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Post – $95 per post
5 Posts – $85 per post
10 Posts – $75 per post

*Three posts weekly max.  All posts must have a 48-hour gap in between.


INSTAGRAM POSTS W/ OUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Posts – $90 per post
5 Posts – $80 per post
10 Posts – $70 per post


INSTAGRAM POSTS W/ YOUR MODEL: Duration (optional)
1 Posts – $50 per post
5 Posts – $40 per post
10 Posts – $30 per post

*Three posts weekly max.  All posts must have a 48 hour gap in between.


WEBSITE AD: Duration (3 month minimum).  Most recommended option.

*One 300 x 250 ad space on our website (right side).
*Three month term is the minimum requirement.
*Six month term receives FOUR FREE Instagram posts.
Rate: new client special $1,200/ three months = $400/mo.

Here are two media kits I received from different online brands

What Were Your Results?

In terms of results, I’ve received a few sales, increased traffic, testimonial images (these are priceless), and a boost in followers every time an ad or endorsement was posted. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment especially if your only cost is postage and product.  I do suggest that you record your stats. You want to be able to quantify your results to justify your product or marketing cost.


Bonus Tips:

Be Entertaining

The ads with the most engagement are the ones that fit with the theme of the page you’re advertising on.  So instead of simply creating a graphic with a picture of your product add text or a funny video.

Set Expectations

I cannot stress this one enough.  It’s important that you give instructions on how you want your product placed.  Do you want an Instagram post as soon as the product is received?  Do you want a positive review? An endorsement? Do you want your advert posted at a certain time? Do you want a specific caption under you advert?

Do Your Research

Choose influencers that your target audience follows. You should also make sure you check to see what the engagement is under other adverts on the influencer’s page as many influencers out there use fake metrics.For tips on identifying the right influencers for you, check out this video.


Hope that helped you guys that are interested in influencer marketing. Is there anything I missed?

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