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Let me answer your questions right now. Yes, you need a website. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you can do it yourself.

I work with many clients who are at various stages of creating an online presence. Most of them are in the medical field, so they have a physical location and are unsure if a website is necessary. Others are in the middle of creating a dream website- a process that often takes forever.

Is this you? Are you constantly revamping your site or delaying the launch because it’s just not right? Here’s the thing, websites evolve as we evolve. The website that your favorite 7-figure guru or multi-million dollar competitor has cost hella money and months of research. I mean look where some of the biggest brands started!


They started somewhere and you should too. Don’t let your quest for perfection slow you down because honestly, what does it matter if your website looks fancy if you’re not living fancy?! Let’s shoot for success, shall we? While we grow into that fancy website, let’s build something that can successfully deliver your amazing value to your customer. Ironically you can do it with 5 simple pages. Keep reading to learn which pages they are.

1 – Homepage

This, hands down, is the most important page of your website.  Your homepage is the place where your potential customers/clients/readers first meet you, so you should do your best to represent your brand clearly and beautifully.  Your homepage should let the visitor know where they are, present your brand purpose, and clearly present the possibilities available on your site. If your homepage is missing these important pieces you can run the risk of turning away potential clients or lose credibility.

2 – Blog

Whether you are a blogger or an e-commerce website, the presence of a blog shows that your website is alive and working. Regularly share your news, boast about your achievements, or highlight your products.  You can use pictures, testimonials, or highlight a product for new content.

3 – Services

You need a page that speaks to what your purpose is.  I’ve loosely coined this the services page.  If you are a graphic designer then you should have a page that describes your graphic design rates and services. If you sell a product then you should have a page where visitors can purchase your products. If you provide reviews then you should have a page that provides the content promised.  There is no limit to the number of pages that can present your services.  Just make sure that they are clear and easily accessible.

4 – Contact Us

Your Contact Us page is a great way to stay connected to your visitors.  Interact with potential clients or address questions from new clients.  Include all possible ways to contact you – email, phone, and if you are a brick and mortar business this is also a great place to put the address and directions to your location.  You can use a form or simply list your contact information.

5 – About Us

This is hands down the hardest page to write.  It’s a bit awkward for most of us to relay our passion and purpose into a paragraph that will speak to our potential customers.

Your “About Us” page is visited by potential customers who are considering your services or products.  These visitors are trying to figure out if they can trust you to fulfill their need.


There’s actually more to this than just knowing the pages you need to create.  I’ve got this comprehensive guide showing you how to curate every single page. PLUS a template for you About Me Page. (Hands down, the hardest page to write)

Drop your deets below and I’ll email the guide to you.

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